We are

…one of the oldest educational institutions in Cieszyn.

Our school is located in more than a hundred and twenty year old building where the past is mixed with the present, which creates a specific, unique atmosphere. We work, study, teach and learn in a place where few generations of students and teachers have done the same. We follow in their footsteps passing forward the treasure of knowledge to those who come after us.

In our school, as it is not big, we recognize the importance of individuality, democracy and friendly atmosphere. We encourage our students to do their best in every aspect of school life. One of our strong points is a swimming pool. Our pupils are good swimmers and often win in school competitions. After a renovation in 2009, we opened a new swimming pool and a gym. There are also two computer laboratories, a language lab, a multimedia center in a library, a small school shop and a day-care room for children in our school.

Our music and dance group „Biedronki” and a theatre group are widely recognized in Cieszyn especially for their performances in the National House and in the Adam Mickiewicz Theatre.

A few years ago we implemented school uniforms for all students. The youngest children wear colorful uniforms; older ones have dark blue vests (boys) and tunics (girls).

Parents willingly send their children to our school .We appreciate it and we are committed to serve their needs. We want our children to be well prepared for life in a dynamic reality. We want our teachers to have satisfaction from their job and our school to have a good reputation in local community.